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A safe place for the highly sensitive and empathic members of the LGBTQIA+ community to deepen healing and nourish authenticity.

Being queer can be an amazing yet lonely experience.

Being queer can be an amazing yet lonely experience. 

This list is really just getting started, though. Diving into all the pieces of queer trauma is so vast and heavy. 

After facing rejection, discrimination, or seeing yourself as a misfit in the world you come from, you might be skeptical that opening up will do any good. It’s difficult enough being misunderstood as a queer person in other areas of life, and it would be devastating for that to follow you into therapy.

You don’t want to have to over explain the experience of being queer in this society- you’d rather just jump into the healing work with a therapist who gets the LGBTQIA+ experience first hand. 
It can be hard to talk about all the ways that being queer has contributed to your hurting.

Maybe you are the person who…

  • Was the kid who knew they were different but couldn’t quite comprehend why fitting in was so tough. 

  • Faced backlash or abuse when you came out. 

  • Selectively shares or completely guards your identity because you fear how the people in your life will act if they know the truth. 

  • Has trouble figuring out what’s healthy and what’s not after years of being told queerness is wrong. 

  • Is just absolutely heartbroken and full of rage every time a new anti-LGBTQIA+ bill is introduced in this country.

Maybe you…

  • Need support exploring your sexuality and gender identity

  • Are already confident in how you identify, but need a therapist that understands how being queer effects your perspective on your unique challenges

  • Have already tried therapy with a non-queer therapist before, and you just felt like they weren’t fully getting your experience

  • Have done a lot of self-healing work already and have reached a stuck point where therapy seems like a good idea to help you go deeper

You just want a place where you can process your experiences with a therapist that truly gets it no matter which part of your queer journey you are on.

Imagine having a place where you can be fully your authentic self, with all parts of your identity affirmed.

Hi there, we are Angela and Rae, Good Nature's co-founders and team of therapists.

We get the deep desire to have that first hand, and provide the type of affirming space we would want for ourselves as queer people. We offer the safe space to explore your whole queer experience: your queer hardships, your queer joys, and your hopes for a more queer inclusive future.

All of this and more is welcome here.

For specialized care for the LGBTQIA+ community, you are in the right place.

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As queer individuals ourselves, we know how important it is for a therapist to understand and affirm the whole spectrum of your queer experience. We hold space to explore, celebrate, and grieve it all.

Whether or not the challenges you have faced "clinically count" as trauma, we can support you in better understanding your experiences and moving forward. You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

You are more sensitive to the world around you, whether it’s information coming to you through your 5 senses, or through the emotional experiences of others. We’ll help you navigate your world with these unique traits.

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Nervous about taking the next step?

Here’s How It Works

Reach out for a free consultation, and we’ll schedule a call to chat for 15-20 minutes. We’ll ask you about what you are coming to therapy for, and you’ll have the chance to ask us any questions you may have. At the end of the call, you can move forward into scheduling your first session if you are ready.​

Your first session is completely at your pace! Want to start off slowly and just share some background about yourself? Perfect! Want to dive right into the work you came here to do? Amazing! The floor is yours.

Over the course of working together, we will dive in to process your trauma and hardships, help you deepen your self awareness, and explore what you need to live an authentic and fulfilled life, all at your desired pace.

You don’t have to keep trying to figure this out on your own.

We can help you to better understand yourself and your experiences so you gain the clarity you need to move forward authentically.

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