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Equine assisted Therapy
in Malibu, California

Connect more deeply with yourself through connecting with horses.

It would be nice to have a therapy experience where a therapist can see you in action and offer guidance in the moment.

If you are looking to break out of a traditional therapy setting or looking to combine your love of animals with your healing journey, you’ve made it to the right place!

You’ve already put in a lot of work in your healing and you’re looking for a fresh healing perspective. As much as you see the benefit of a traditional therapy environment, you acknowledge there can be limitations to how much a traditional therapy environment can support you. Outside of session, there’s a lot to figure out and navigate on your own.

Equine Assisted Therapy is an experiential therapy that can help your therapist understand how you tackle experiences in your own life, in a way that a traditional talk therapy environment isn’t likely to.

In an equine session you are seen in action, and your therapist can be responsive to real life patterns that are playing out in real time.

How Equine Assisted Therapy Can Add A Layer of Perspective

Sessions can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Introducing boundaries and “horse etiquette” that can offer perspective on boundaries and social experiences with humans

  • Learning about horse behavior that can shed light on norms for how humans interact

  • Grounding exercises such as co-breathing with a horse or grooming a horse

  • Games with the horses where you collaborate with a horse partner to meet a goal

Many of the exercises, especially the challenge activities with the horses, can act as a mirror for how you tackle situations in your own life.

Equine sessions are very powerful in bringing out what is currently present emotionally and mentally within you.

It’s likely that a subconscious pattern of how you interact with your life will arise during an equine session, or that you will gain deeper insight into patterns that you are already somewhat consciously aware of. 

Some exercises like the grounding exercises are simply therapeutic in connecting you back to the present moment, and connecting to emotional experiences like playfulness and joy.

While equine sessions are great for having self awareness breakthroughs, there is also room to “just be” with the horses.

Equine Assisted Therapy can help you…

  • Practice becoming grounded and present in the current moment

  • Connect to joy, playfulness, and a sense of leadership

  • Gain more perspective on how humans interact through learning the norms of horse behavior

  • Deepen your awareness of the emotional and mental experiences that currently live within you

  • Recognize your behavior patterns that are helping you or holding you back from what you want

An experiential therapy experience is waiting for you. Let’s see what more about yourself can be discovered.

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Frequently asked questions

 Where are your equine sessions located?

Equine sessions are held at Connemara Ranch, which sees clients in two locations, both in Malibu, CA. Both locations are off Kanan Road.

Location of your session will depend on which location is available for use on the day of your session.

How much does an equine session cost?

Equine sessions are available as an add on service to individual therapy and cost $225 per 60 minute session.

Limited reduced fee slots are available. If you have a reduced fee individual therapy slot, your equine fee will be your reduced individual therapy rate + $25.

A portion of the proceeds go to supporting Connemara Ranch with horse care and supplies.

What requirements are there to participate?


Angela books with clients that are ages 18+ for equine sessions.

A range of physical abilities can be accommodated, but please note that both locations have uneven terrain that clients will need to be able to navigate to participate.

Clients that are generally physically able to do moderate level exercise activities such as running, hiking, jumping jacks, and squats will be able to participate in all the available Equine Assisted Therapy activities. This is not suggesting these sessions are exercise sessions, but do require some agility for some activities.

Clients who cannot do as much physical activity may still be able to participate on some level. Please reach out to Angela if you have questions about your unique physical ability situation.


Closed toed shoes and long pants required. Some combination of sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and protective clothing are suggested. Bring your own water (and snacks if you want). Please expect to get a little dirty and dress in clothing that you can be active in.

Previous experience with horses not required.


Clients ages 18 and younger or those with incompatible schedules with Angela may book equine services through Connemara Ranch directly.


Is Equine Assisted Therapy a trail riding experience?

Equine Assisted Therapy is not a trail ride experience, but a collection of other types of activities with the horses.

Trail rides can be booked with Talley at Connemara Ranch directly. 


What are some other considerations in participating?

  • Please note sessions will be canceled during rain or other unsuitable conditions, and that could be determined within a few hours of the session.

  • Participation is not recommended for those with more severe environmental allergies, such as to dust, pollen, hay, or horses.

  • Please note that privacy is not 100% guaranteed at these locations, due to the locations both being private property that others own.

  • While the horses are very used to being around people and participating as equine therapy partners, please note that horses are large animals with their own internal experiences. Injury is not likely but could occur, and presence of mind to protect yourself during these sessions is important.

  • Additional liability releases / participation consent are required to participate.