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Immigration evaluations in Agoura Hills, Los Angeles and throughout California

Improve your chances of winning your legal case

Maybe you would experience Extreme Hardship if your loved one would not be able to stay in the United States. 

Has your attorney recommended you receive a mental health evaluation for your immigration case?

Common examples include: you are pregnant or have children, you have a medical or physical disability and depend on your loved one for support, your child has a learning disability, or your mental health will be significantly impacted.

Maybe you escaped a dangerous situation in your country of origin and want to stay in the United States by seeking Asylum but you’ve missed the 1 year filing deadline.

Common examples include: suffering persecution due to being part of the LGBTQ+ community, being the victim of a crime, fearing for your life due to a traumatic event.

Maybe you are or were married and in a domestic violent relationship with someone who’s a United States citizen, but are now in jeopardy of not being able to stay in the United States, and are seeking help through VAWA (Violence Against Women’s Act). 

Common examples include: physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, and economic abuse, as well as abuse related to immigration status, parental alienation, and dowry-related abuse. Note: VAWA applications are available for any gender, despite the name. 

Maybe you were the victim of assault or human trafficking and would be in danger if you had to return to your country of origin, so you are petitioning for a U-Visa or T-Visa.

Common examples include: if you are the victim of a serious crime (or severe human trafficking for T-Visa) and have been complying with law enforcement for an investigation or prosecution of the crime or human trafficking.

An immigration evaluation is a mental health assessment conducted by a therapist that can significantly increase the chances of winning your legal case.

The evaluation provides crucial evidence and is often the deciding factor in whether you and your family can stay together or if you can stay in the United States. It would be my pleasure to help you if you have an open and active legal case.

What is an immigration evaluation?

I’m Rae Amirian, a first generation Iranian American whose parents fled during the Iranian Revolution and I have a passion for helping other immigrant families rebuild a safer life.

I approach each person evaluated with compassion, gentleness, and empathy and provide a welcoming, trauma-informed space for you to share your experiences, fears, and concerns that are important to your case.

I have special training in conducting immigration evaluations to ensure that I offer the best service. While immigration evaluations aren’t therapy, this process can help begin the healing process. 

How I can help with these common legal immigration cases

Extreme Hardship/Cancellation of Removal Cases

Asylum Cases

VAWA Cases 

U-Visa and T-Visa cases

We will be identifying unique factors contributing to your psychological distress such as: illness; disability; professional, financial, or academic hardship; or adverse home-country conditions that would affect the petitioner or their family members. 

We will be explaining psychological reasons why you missed the one-year filing deadline; and detailing how PTSD symptoms provide evidence of the persecution you suffered.  

We will be detailing your psychological symptoms which are common for domestic violence victims; assessing credibility; and where useful, explaining less common phenomena such as ways in which men are abused by female partners or how abuse shows up in same sex relationships. 

We will be identifying unique factors contributing to your psychological distress including highlighting the police report from the assault or severe human trafficking you endured. We will also specify elements of control that kept you trapped in the situation. 

The Process:

Step One: Contact us to book a free consultation and schedule the first interview. 

Step Two: Prior to meeting, I will ask you to answer some questions through a secure portal.

Step Three: During the interview, I will be asking many questions, and you will have the opportunity to share your story. Each interview will take 1-2 hours and depending on the case, we may meet 1-3 times.

Step Four: After I gather all the information necessary, I will write a very detailed 10-15 page report, which will be shared with your attorney.

you deserve a better chance to win your case.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does an immigration evaluation cost?

The fee for the evaluation includes the written report, as well as the time spent with Rae for the interview. If you are in financial hardship, please talk to Rae about a reduced fee opportunity and payment plans. Health insurance does not cover these evaluations. 

Standard evaluation (report completed within four weeks of meeting): $1200
Expedited report (completed within two weeks of meeting): $1500
Significantly expedited report (completed within 72 hours of meeting): $1800

How long will an immigration evaluation take?

Depending on the case, we will only need to meet 1-3 times for an interview, 
If you are needing a quick turnaround time (under 2 weeks), then we can meet 1 time for about 2-3 hours. If there is no deadline to your case, we can meet 2-3 times spread over a few weeks to gather all the information needed.

By getting an immigration evaluation, am I receiving therapy?

No. Although clinical assessments may provide some therapeutic benefits, it is not therapy. You may benefit from ongoing therapeutic treatment with a different provider. Every effort will be made to minimize your discomfort during the assessment; however, you may experience distress and difficulties pertaining to the material discussed. Whenever you are experiencing severe symptoms of anxiety or depression, it is strongly urged that you seek out therapeutic treatment from a licensed therapist and/or psychiatrist.

Can you meet virtually?

Yes, we can meet in person in my office in Agoura Hills, CA or virtually over Zoom. I can only evaluate those who are physically located in California at time of the evaluation. 

Do you provide evaluations in other languages besides English?

Yes, Rae speaks Farsi conversationally. If another language is needed, Rae is open to using translation services for an extra fee.